Used Sales Radiance Hazer 110V
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cart $125.00

Radiance Hazer 110V

Manufactured by ULTRATEC

Radiance Hazer Ultratec’s Radiance Hazer is setting industry standards with its major…
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Radiance Hazer

Ultratec’s Radiance Hazer is setting industry standards with its major advancement in water-based haze technology. Designed for low fluid consumption, the Radiance costs as low as $1 per hour to operate, creating an even distribution of haze that illuminates light and laser beams from ceiling to floor.

The Radiance can be operated via stand alone operation, optional remote control or built-in 2 channel DMX that controls haze output, the internal fan and optional external versa fan. Serviceability is effortless due to its innovative 4-Port Rapid Vaporizer, allowing the machine to be cleaned and returned to service in less than 15 minutes.

The Radiance Hazer can be used for any live event enhancing the lighting design, bringing consistent shape and form to the light beams and providing a subtle diffusion that completes any production.

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