Used Sales GLP JDC1 Strobe
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cart $125.00

GLP JDC1 Strobe

Manufactured by GLP


Used GLP JDC1 Strobe - full face of RGB LED power, utilizing 1,440 high quality LED’s
60-Day Depot Warranty
This equipment has been inspected by a Main Light certified technician at one of our locations.
Currently out of stock.
Ships from: United States
Condition: Good


Omega Bracket included but no used Snap Couplers available

Powercon True1 to L6-20 Powercord 

4 unit road case available when purching in groups of 4 


When you look for a strobe, you look for power and the JDC1 from GLP delivers power in excess through a versatile and highly creative design, the likes of which has never been seen before.

The JDC1 contains a traditional single tube element with an incredible clear, bright white output and combines that with a surrounding full face of RGB LED power, utilizing 1,440 high quality LED’s. The possibilities are endless as these two elements have independent control and can be used as separate pieces, or combined for stunning effects.
Along with working as a powerful strobe light, both the tube and the full face sections can be run continuously for high output blinder and wash light effects, which never reduce output or have thermal cutouts.

To give even more functionality, the RGB face can be divided into 12 separate ‘pixel’ sections, and additionally the bright white tube also can be divided into 12 sections and then the whole array can be fully pixel mapped through any standard controller.

The JDC1 also features dynamic movement with a 16 bit, 190° tilt range, allowing you to place effects exactly where and when you want them to be – and get the most possible power and impact.

The JDC1 is a whole new class of strobe that offers an incomparable feature set that goes way beyond the definition of a hybrid.

The JDC1 is hybrid redefined.

Technical data

Strobe Panel LEDs

LED Type

  • Osram LRTB GVTG

LED Count

  • 1320

LED Colors

  • RGB

LED Segments

  • 12 (2 x 6)

Strobe Tube LEDs

LED Type


LED Count

  • 216

LED Colors

  • Cool White

LED Segments

  • 12



  • 8 - 16 Bit

Position Feedback

  • yes

Tilt (Degrees)

  • 189°


Signal connection

  • XLR 5-pin
  • input & output

Power Input

  • Neutrik powerCON TRUE1
  • input

Operating Condtions

Mains voltage

  • 100-240 VAC / 50-60Hz

Power (Watt @ 230V)



  • 20mm T 8A

Maximum ambient temperature

  • 40°C / 104°F

Operating Position

  • any


Single fixture

  • cardboard


  • 4-way
  • inkl. Flightcase

Dimensions & Weight


150 mm / 5.9 in


390 mm / 15.3 in

Height (head vertical)

251 mm / 9.8 in


11,6 kg / 25.6 lbs

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