Rental LED Lighting by Robe

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Robe Esprite for rent

Robe Esprite

The Robe Esprite, is an innovative LED automated luminaire that revolutionizes moving light…
Robe Forte for rent

Robe Forte

The ROBE Forte is a high-performance luminaire that lives up to its name by offering excellence,…
Robe LED Beam 150 for rent

Robe LED Beam 150

High-efficiency zoom system, color chases, and fast movement.
Robe Patt 2017 for rent

Robe Patt 2017

Robe Patt 2017 Rental - perfect for bands, television, film and general prop lighting.
Robe Robin Spiider  for rent

Robe Robin Spiider

THE NEXT BIG THING FROM ROBE! Spiider, a superbright next generation of LED WashBeam luminaires,…
Robe Spikie for rent

Robe Spikie

60W RGBW light source, multiple effects, inbuilt virtual color library.
Robe Tetra X for rent

Robe Tetra X

Developed from the immensely successful Tetra1™, the TetraX™ adds dynamic pan movement…
Robe Tetra1 for rent

Robe Tetra1

Ultra-tight 4° beam, MCFE™ effects, and innovative lens coating technology.
Robe Tetra2 for rent

Robe Tetra2

Tetra2™ TETRAgnatha’s are linear bars building on the Spiider and Tarrantula…