Rental Moving Lights by Elation

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Elation Artiste Monet for rent

Elation Artiste Monet

The Artiste Monet™ is an extremely bright fully featured LEDProfile fixture offering…
Elation Artiste Picasso for rent

Elation Artiste Picasso

The Artiste Picasso™ is a full-featured innovative theatrical-grade luminaire featuring a new…
Elation Proteus Hybrid for rent

Elation Proteus Hybrid

PROTEUS HYBRID™ is an IP65 rated 3-in-1 hybrid moving head beam, spot, and wash luminaire…
Elation PROTEUS MAXIMUS for rent


The PROTEUS MAXIMUS™ an extremely bright IP65 rated LED Profile fixture offering outstanding…
Elation Smarty Hybrid for rent

Elation Smarty Hybrid

The Smarty Hybrid™ is a compact full featured CMY color mixing spot, beam, and wash hybrid…