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Robe BMFL FollowSpot LT w/Camera for rent

Robe BMFL FollowSpot LT w/Camera

BMFL FollowSpot LT – A compact, affordable solution for the larger arena. Further adding…
Robe BMFL WashBeam for rent

Robe BMFL WashBeam

Robe BMFL WashBeam Rental - 180 mm front lens with custom light source designed for Robe.

Robe Esprite for rent

Robe Esprite

The Robe Esprite, is an innovative LED automated luminaire that revolutionizes moving light…
Robe Footsie 1 Tunable White for rent

Robe Footsie 1 Tunable White

Introducing the ROBE Footsie – the future of footlights. Our IP65-rated design shines in Warm…
Robe Forte for rent

Robe Forte

The ROBE Forte is a high-performance luminaire that lives up to its name by offering excellence,…
Robe i-Forte IP65 for rent

Robe i-Forte IP65

Introducing the ROBE i-Forte, a revolutionary outdoor lighting fixture designed to provide…
Robe LED Beam 150 for rent

Robe LED Beam 150

High-efficiency zoom system, color chases, and fast movement.

Robe MegaPointe for rent

Robe MegaPointe

Rent the ROBE MegaPointe and take your event to the next level with its MEGA features and precision

Robe Patt 2017 for rent

Robe Patt 2017

Robe Patt 2017 Rental - perfect for bands, television, film and general prop lighting.
Robe Robin Spiider  for rent

Robe Robin Spiider

Introducing the ROBE Spiider, the epitome of LED WashBeam lighting. Bursting with brilliance, this…
Robe RoboSpot Follow Spot - Base Station for rent

Robe RoboSpot Follow Spot - Base Station

Control up to 12 fixtures simultaneously.

Robe Spikie for rent

Robe Spikie

60W RGBW light source, multiple effects, inbuilt virtual color library.
Robe Tetra X for rent

Robe Tetra X

The ROBE Tetra X is an advanced lighting fixture designed to elevate your visual effects. Building…
Robe Tetra1 for rent

Robe Tetra1

Ultra-tight 4° beam, MCFE™ effects, and innovative lens coating technology.
Robe Tetra2 for rent

Robe Tetra2

The ROBE Tetra 2 is a cutting-edge lighting fixture that delivers unparalleled versatility for…
RoboSpot MotionCamera for rent

RoboSpot MotionCamera

The RoboSpot MotionCamera is a revolutionary moving head fixture featuring an integrated HD camera…