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Robe Spikie

Manufactured by Robe

Spikie® Spikie, a small, super fast LED WashBeam, which utilises a single 60W RGBW light…
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Spikie, a small, super fast LED WashBeam, which utilises a single 60W RGBW light source with a specially designed 110mm wide front lens producing a solid beam. The fixture quickly zooms from a soft wide 28° wash to a tight sharp-edged 4° beam or one of two new stunning air effects.


Robe patented MCFE™ - Multi-Coloured Flower Effects, creates sharp multicoloured spikes of light, rotating in both directions at variable speed. Additionally, a unique Beam Effect Engine transforms the output into a dynamic ray of three narrow beams, creating another new visual effect to the show. Continuous rotation of pan and tilt gives new dynamic elements across the stage. Spikie is a very compact 7.3 kg fixture, which can be hung in any position. 

Light source


Light output

920 lm, 9.270 lx @ 5 m

Zoom range



MCFE™ - Multi-Coloured Flower Effects, Colour Rainbow Effect, 3 Facet Prism

DataSwatch™ - inbuilt virtual colour library

The DataSwatch™ inbuilt virtual colour library for Robe LED fixtures provides consistent colour rendering with commonly matched filter ranges, allowing for rapid and accurate programming. They consist of up to 237 pre-programmed and calibrated colours and tones.

MCFE™ - Multi Coloured Flower Effect

The Robe patented MCFE™ – Multi-Coloured Flower Effect – creates sharp, multi-coloured spikes of light, that are fully rotatable in both directions, at variable speeds. The effect is implemented into various Robe fixtures, operating in one or more of their pixels. If the MCFE™ is not in use, the pixels become regular RGBW pixels with identical output to their neighbours.

L3™ - Low Light Linearity System

The L3™ Low Light Linearity System produces imperceptible, ultra-smooth fades to black. By super-refining the internal dimmer curve to 18 bit and removing the pitfalls of “steppy” LED dimming, we facilitate the total integration of LED fixtures with existing, traditional, light sources.

GDTF – General Device Type Format


The General Device Type Format was conceived and jointly developed by the GDTF development group, comprised of Vectorworks, MA Lighting, and Robe lighting. It creates a unified definition for the exchange of data for the operation of intelligent luminaries, such as moving lights, officially recognized as an open standard for the entertainment industry worldwide by DIN SPEC 15800. 

It provides a dependable way to adapt fixtures and devices in the lighting industry and sets a manufacturer-supported, unified standard. Therefore, customers/users of lighting control systems, CAD systems, and pre-visualizers benefit by knowing the tools they use to perform their job will work consistently and dependably. 

The file format is human readable and developed using open source formats. Luminaire manufacturers in the entertainment design, production, and performance industries are welcome to use this open-source technology. 

For more information, the GDTF builder and a database of GDTF fixture-files, please visit: 


This database provides all kind of fixtures with all relevant modes and firmware versions and is constantly growing. 

For our fixtures’ GDTF files, we have established a dedicated support email inbox:


Tungsten Emulation

"Red shift" or "amber drift" is the warming of colour temperature produced when you dim a tungsten lamp. This can be replicated with Robe fixtures with additive colour mixing LEDs, such as Multichip LEDs or MSL™, using our Tungsten emulation technology. When selected, the luminaire will mimic the colour temperature of a tungsten lamp as you lower the output to produce that classic warm glow. You can even decide the wattage you wish to emulate, such as a 750W, 1.000W, 1.200W, 2.000W and 2.500W lamp. This allows for seamless integration with traditional generic fixtures.


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