Rentals Robe BMFL FollowSpot LT w/Camera
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Quote $125.00

Robe BMFL FollowSpot LT w/Camera

Manufactured by Robe

BMFL FollowSpot LT – A compact, affordable solution for the larger arena. Further adding…
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BMFL FollowSpot LT – A compact, affordable solution for the larger arena.


Further adding to the ground breaking RoboSpot system, the FollowSpot LT is designed for the larger venue that requires a longer throw distance, tighter beam and greater output power. The LT is the same size and weight as the standard BMFL FollowSpot, which is substantially smaller than other products of similar power. The proprietary optical design provides a 8:1 zoom ratio (1 - 8 degrees) and an output exceeding 455,000 lux at 5 metres.

Like the standard BMFL FollowSpot, the LT can be operated as a manual, stand-alone follow spot using the Robe LightMaster-Side and LightMaster-Rear control kits. Similarly, the LT can be operated remotely using the Robe RoboSpot MDC remote follow spot system and is pre-wired for the Digital Camera.

Packed with all the features you would expect from a BMFL series product, including, imperceptible colour mixing, fixed colour filters, 6000K native colour temperature, Cri>92, Variable CTO to 2700 & CTB to 9000K, fixed & variable frost filters, focus, zoom and a fast iris.


Light source

1700 W OSRAM Lok-it! HTI 1700/PS

Light output

34.600 lm, 455.000 lx @ 5 m

Zoom range

1° - 8°


CMY, 2 Colour wheels, Frost, Iris


EMS™ - Electronic Motion Stabiliser

The Robe EMS™ (Electronic Motion Stabiliser) system is a technology for exact Pan and Tilt movements and reduces vibrations from audio outputs, truss movement and sprung or suspended floors. It allows fast movement with instant stops by removing hysteresis resulting in no beam deviation or shake, therefore removing eye-catching distractions.

It also enables our fixtures to work perfectly well as Follow Spots in combination with our RoboSpot™ System.


REAP™ - Robe Ethernet Access Portal

The Robe Ethernet Access Portal allows to access internal data from a networked fixture, viewed as a web page, addressable via the fixtures network IP. The portal provides full access to all the fixture's addressing, set-up and diagnostic functions, even when in DMX mode. This saves preparation time, allowing identification of the luminaire in the rig, as well as all diagnostic functions, without physical access to the luminaire.While the REAP™ interface doesn't replace multi-device automation workflow based on RDM, it provides a very convenient way of viewing and adjusting personality settings, with some icing on the cake like DMX capture, to see real DMX data as received by the device.


GDTF – General Device Type Format


The General Device Type Format was conceived and jointly developed by the GDTF development group, comprised of Vectorworks, MA Lighting, and Robe lighting. It creates a unified definition for the exchange of data for the operation of intelligent luminaries, such as moving lights, officially recognized as an open standard for the entertainment industry worldwide by DIN SPEC 15800. 

It provides a dependable way to adapt fixtures and devices in the lighting industry and sets a manufacturer-supported, unified standard. Therefore, customers/users of lighting control systems, CAD systems, and pre-visualizers benefit by knowing the tools they use to perform their job will work consistently and dependably. 

The file format is human readable and developed using open source formats. Luminaire manufacturers in the entertainment design, production, and performance industries are welcome to use this open-source technology. 

For more information, the GDTF builder and a database of GDTF fixture-files, please visit: 


This database provides all kind of fixtures with all relevant modes and firmware versions and is constantly growing. 

For our fixtures’ GDTF files, we have established a dedicated support email inbox:



QVGA Robe Touch Screen Display System

The QVGA Robe touch screen display gives full access to all fixture setup and diagnostic functions and is very intuitive to navigate. It comes with battery backup for settings such as an address, even when the fixture is not connected to power, saving a lot of preparation time! It is equipped with a gyroscopic gravitation sensor for auto screen positioning, meaning it will always display the right way up, whether standing or being upside down in a flight case. Furthermore, it has an operation memory service log with RTC, stand-alone operation with editable programs and a built-in analyser for easy fault finding.




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